One day, I would like to visit Ireland.

(by the way i wasn't here for the class this was assigned so if i wrote too little then just know it's not cos i wasn't listening)
picture of ireland another picture of ireland no way. another picture of ireland.

Ireland is a island west of the United Kingdom, home to approximately 6.6 million people (including Northern Ireland). Ireland's geography consists mainly of plains and low mountains, with much vegetation thanks to its non-extreme and moderate climate. It's a very agricultural country, with its biggest export being beef, as well as being the largest beef exporter in the EU. It's lush green plains and hills are often featured in pop culture as the backdrop to much fantasy-themed media, such as Game of Thrones.

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I would like to travel to Ireland, mostly due to the majority of my ancestry originating from there. Both my grandmothers on my mom and dad's sides were born in Ireland, as well as my DNA test at one point reading that 76% of my DNA was Irish. I've also wanted to travel to Europe, something my dad did as soon as he graduated, spending five months traveling through European hostels and notably spending three days homeless in south London. As bad as some of his stories sounded, it made me interested in traveling the world, and I hope to some day do the same.

dublin's skyline

Swag Facts Related to the Country known as Ireland

  1. Ireland has some of the wettest summers in the world, with it once raining for 40 days straight in 2007.
  2. Nigerians actually drink more Guinness beer than the Irish.
  3. More Irish people live elsewhere from Ireland. Over 80 million people have Irish passports, and nearly half the population of Australia claims Irish ancestry.
  4. The harp is actually the national symbol of Ireland, and not the shamrock as many believe it to be.
  5. Ireland is home to the longest coastal driving route, with the Wild Atlantic Way being 2,500km long and passing through nine counties and three provinces.

Swag Things to do in the Country known as Ireland

  1. In Athlone, located in the dead center of Ireland, you can find Sean's Bar, otherwise known as the oldest bar in the world. Records state the bar has been serving customers since 900AD.
  2. Visiting the cliffs of Moher can get you some cool photos; provided you're okay with standing above a 200m drop into the water.
  3. A less scenic, but still interesting visit would be that of Kilmainham Gaol prison, a dank compound dating back to 1796. Many uprising leaders of 1916 were held in the prison, and many were executed in the yard after being convicted of high treason.